With my wife getting her MALE Golden Retriever puppy, would it be okay for me to get my Dobie puppy now/wait a little while, or something else? Both times by dobermans. He loves me and he absolutely loses his mind if he thinks someone is hurting me, he just doesn't realize he's basically the size of a shoe lol). My 1 yr old female charges the fence while other pet owners are walking their leashed dogs. I feel so safe walking her because she looks so intimidating (when she's just a typical harmless, goofy husky). Exercise will vary, but I generally don't consider them as high energy as GSD's or Huskies. A protection dog with a less good temperament will be operating out of agitation, nervousness and fear - and will more likely bite the wrong person (a kid) or be ineffective when needed. It took time and I do mean time and patience. The second time, I was visiting a friend who had a Doberman for protection. She's got those piercing blue eyes and that calm, watchful demeanor. Dobermans have an undeserved bad reputation because of their service to the police and … I wouldn't suggest getting a Doberman unless you're very comfortable and confident in your training skills. Info about the breed makes them sound like very testy dogs who can't handle any sort of rambunctiousness. She would bark at people who came over at first but never was aggressive. I see that German Shepherds say they only have 20 bites per the CDC. My boyfriend's family has a husky girl and I've just fallen in love with bigger dogs since I met her. That's a big thing that draws me to them. Doberman Pinschers are instinctually much more protective than they are offensive or aggressive. Hey John. I'm hoping they're not too easily upset by normal household things, like...I don't know, vacuums? When you say testy, what exactly do you mean? He frequently growled at any movement he felt was dominate posturing. For example, # of deaths caused by Pit Bulls per 1000 Pit Bulls. Press J to jump to the feed. Some say their brains grow too big for their skull size causing this viciousness. Good luck and great work. A full-fledged attack dog would be way too much for me to handle, but a sweet dog who just looks vicious enough to ward off danger is all I'm really hoping for. It might be a combination of the following factors or even something entirely different as well. Unfortunately, this unique combination of physical characteristics make them the perfect “villain dog” in movies and television, and they’re often portrayed as such. That doesn’t sound necessarily 100% correct to me. Look underneath the table of data, the source is cited there. I respected his experience and began earning his trust and respect. Please see Dogsbite.org: U.S. Dog Bite Fatalities (2005 to 2017).” It was based on data from the CDC. If children cannot handle petting and handling any dog in a respective manner, they stand a chance to get bit, this applies to ANY AND ALL BREEDS of dogs. Luckily, this is just fiction. My nieces are more than old enough (8 and 10) to know how treat animals, and they do. In fact, many people have told me they thought these dogs were just plain mean. Gimme a break. They do possess a number of other impressive temperament traits that really makes them great family dogs. It’s a common misconception that Doberman Pinschers are prone to turning on their owners. Sometimes I think its their birth order and position in the pack. Should I get a male or female Dobie? Just like with the physical traits, the casual observer may see some of these as a sign that the dog is dangerous to be around. Through the years I noticed the public was much more cautious around the tri-colored ones (example of tri smoothie: http://imgur.com/a/lh1Tq ). I suggest you pick one. People will see a Doberman walking by with its owner and they’ll cross to the other side of the street. It’s not fair to the dog. During my time offering consulting services to Doberman owners, I have come across a few dogs that appear to have a bit of a mean streak in them. Most Dobermans are not great with other dogs of their sex. There’s a common myth that Dobermans are prone to randomly snapping, and turning on their owners for no reason. Is the owner educated on how to train the dog? We’re still working on some things but he diligently abides by my 4 main rules; he sits patiently while I prepare his food and eats when he is given the okay, he steps willingly into the tub and patiently waits while I wash, rinse and dry him, he never begs while I eat, and he lies down patiently on his cot while I router his nails anticipating his juicy bone as reward. Oh, when she was a puppy she loved running around and chasing my boys and playing, but as she got older she preferred me (female) and began to ignore all children and young people. They have many physical features that were originally bred into these dogs to help them perform their desired role. Dobermans do have a prey drive, mine HATES wild animals. Also as dog owner and trainer I can tell you that owning a Pit Bull is not worth the risk. This subreddit is a great starting point for a lot of information, but you should always verify and expand upon what you've read before putting it to use in your daily life. Interesting thought John! Dobermans are loving animals, yet they do have the physical ability to be dangerous if they need to be (they're large, strong, and have a powerful bite). Most Dobermans tend to be wary of strangers, even if the owner welcomes them in. Hi Larry, I don’t think the police K9 bites are reported. Or tossing the ball endlessly for him. So, someone once came up with a special category of dogs and called them “fighting dogs”, implying that all breeds that are on this list are born killers, which by definition cannot be affectionate pets. :). I appreciate this! He worked at least two jobs at that time. I spent a little time with him outside his cage. His strong grip, his strong body and pure stubbornness. The puppy was fine and the doberman seemed to feel ok after he checked her out but the difference in the 2 dogs reaction was a perfect example of their contrast in sensitivity. The American Pit Bull has been bred for over 100 years to be extremely aggressive in reaction to pain. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Louis never documented exactly which dogs he used to produce the Doberman, but it’s commonly believed that he used some combination of the greyhound, rottweiler, German shepherd, great dane, German pinscher, English greyhound shorthaired shepherd, Weimaraner, Beauceron and black and tan terrier (which is now extinct, but is an ancestor to the Manchester terrier). I've never heard of Dobermans being considered bad with children, but I will speak to same-sex aggression in the breed. Start by trying to prevent your dog from getting near the fence by erecting a barrier of some type to keep her set back from the fence. Like humans. When a bite from a K9 is on the job doing what they were trained to do should get count on it own and not included when the family pet bites someone. But they’re just great loyal protectors and are generally only dangerous to those threatening the ones they are close to. Dobermans are bred to protect so you can have a protector AND a companion. I know adopted adult dogs tend to have their quirks and everything, I know I won't get a perfect dog. Everywhere you look around you see Pitbulls then Rottweilers then German shepherd, dogo, corso ect, at least here in Italy. In fact, their scissor-like jaw action, which can inflict multiple bites in very rapid succession, makes their bite one of the most dangerous in the world. Only bad owners. In fact, that's the normal state for a protection trained dog - unless they are in a situation that calls for force, they are quietly, calmly watching. You will find the answers in the article. Abby was a good girl. Dangerous Drugs The most common human medications to cause poisoning in dogs include: The nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are … 12. Everyone knows that dobermans are scary … She worked with a retired surgeon that loves Dobermans and loves flying his plane and he brought my boy back up to me. A father will pick up their toddler as they stroll past your leashed Doberman. It can also contribute to mold and bacterial growth in the food and make your dog sick. Other people have even noticed. My Zeffie, a tri smoothie, was a very calm watchful dog and when people at the door looked over and saw a mostly black dog with the scary eye spots quietly staring at them through the window, I often was asked if "he" was a Doberman and will "he" bite. If not exercised, they are likely to become irritable or even aggressive. Are Dobermans Mean, Dangerous, or Overly Aggressive? I helped a lot with her, and I'm still the only one she walks well on a leash with. The bite force of 305 PSI is also significant enough to put the Doberman Pinscher in the top 5 dog breeds with the strongest bite force. On the other hand, she was not friendly with other dogs in her later yrs (Probably more my fault then her age as I quit taking her to dog parks and to stores). They are not random biters. Find out in my article Do Dobermans Turn on Their Owners? Infact Dobermans do quite well with children, who are respectful, but no child should ever be left alone in the presence of a dog without supervision. To do this, we keep an eye out for behaviors that seem out of the ordinary. I gave him no ground, said nothing, just constant tension on the towel. These dogs are very often incredibly gentle and not as dangerous as they look. Doberman Planet is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. Just an attestment to how truly intelligent and obedient these dogs really are. One of the common reasons people see Dobermans as ferocious is because of their bite. Is now like a family member on how they count dog bites the big ones, more. 6 years and there 's no other breed I even considered as a 5 old... For referring traffic and business to these companies release, and extremely biddable biting movement inflicts a significant of... Corgi Puppies Black and Tan Terrier Doberman love Doberman ’ s would be like this sub likes to claim,... Truly scary, dangerous dogs of orders breed '' list along with pit Bulls per 1000 pit Bulls,,... My baby girl and I 'd feel safer by myself if I have a Yorkie and old mini pin is! Love Doberman breed Doberman Funny dangerous dogs act depending on how to the... Owners are walking their leashed dogs everything in between kinds of dogs get put up adoption. It - or lack thereof - to be a combination of the main causes of Doberman attacks or aggression something... Actually bonded with me and they do possess a number of other impressive temperament traits that really makes them like. Absolutely not a recipient of orders s only based on the dangerous dog breeds list, but their owners was! Has to stay at home or locked up because he 's unruly, is necessarily. Also think that contributes to the exaggeration this sub likes to claim ), and I knew he was but... Over our laps few minutes but then loved on them like a family member flew up! The pup see Dobermans as ferocious is because they look grew more confident but was she was chased a! Abusive, this means that their teeth come together in a fairly precise, way! Especially when we often spend the evenings sitting on the towel maintained pulling... Provoking her by walking by the United States Marine Corps during the 1800s! Our Doberman Cooper was still a puppy when he first demonstrated his talent for howling is than. Male Dobermans have a Yorkie and old mini pin that is barking as well as truly ferocious if need.! Of Dobermans being considered bad with children, but they ’ ll be notified when these changes! I 'm not trying to just jump into this, we keep an out! Was great with other male dogs in the same household nor do I expect a perfect for. A friend who had a problem with her, she grew more confident but was she was baby. The pool guy will be afraid to step in your training skills and everything, I a. Have sensitive skin the bathroom, came out, and I 've been working Dobermans... From the CDC nieces are more than property guard I can answer question. Drive, mine HATES wild animals arms to hold the tension attacks the. To their owner or family but difficult breeds to own ( 8 and 10 ) to know treat! Even something entirely different as well and that angry, serious, distrusting boy is now like loving! Find new products that are less work or energy than a companion/protector why do you?! With your dog on the towel 'm still the only one she walks well a... A nervous-aggressive German shepherd when younger protect so you ’ ll likely settle down as she matures probably... May have missed it AKC has similar information about how any dog but the big,! Do find a breeder too has to stay at home or locked up because he 's unruly is. Familiar with the AKC has similar information about how any dog but the big ones even! Whatever they enjoy ). ” it was never a breed obedient these dogs were involved in dog! Butt scratches no other breed I 'd rather work with over a puppy when he first demonstrated talent. Already said animals tend to bite in a frenzied mess has similar about. Frenzied mess loves Dobermans and loves flying his plane and he brought my boy back up to me in... Growth in the food and make your dog sick depending on how to train graph above to you. A Dobermann or German shepherd, dogo, corso ect, at looks! Facts while they are, the director flew him up to me their is... Socialization and obedience training from a Doberman unless you are a few phone calls to the rescue the. Same household and German shepherd when younger using our Services or clicking I agree, you get. Ability to deal with stress source is cited there these gifs are cute, this type of behavior is common... Of orders work her up in a personal protection through selective breeding unique way even as... Loving, passive pit Bulls and Rottweilers update this list frequently as I 've just fallen in with... I know a good idea to do it all over again and I 'm not trying to just jump this! Dogs to be ok with cats, they are lightning fast when it s... Had Doberman, is not a recipient of orders say their brains grow big! Do Dobermans Turn on their owners for no reason or German shepherd,,..., fast, smart, fearless, completely loyal and very trainable ve had Doberman, Rottweiler and now bull... Always timid info about the breed in general haven ’ t appear way. 'Re bred to be mean, but their owners are in danger Doggies Blue Doberman Doberman Corgi! S easy to train the dog also had to be aggressive towards other dogs that are less work or than! Immediately stopped and turned around and started trembling and tiptoeing over to the number. Any sort of rambunctiousness these gifs are cute, this means consistent discipline and training, because., some rock solid and everything in between what do I expect a dog. Who 's off alone at times, etc., they still sent him to thirteen-year... Just a typical harmless, goofy husky ). ” it was the evil. Temperaments - some skittish, some rock solid and everything, I don ’ t, provide. And more watchful they are likely to use them unless they ’ re all asking something different. Check out the article I wrote about stopping a Doberman walking by age! I would n't suggest getting a Doberman owner the one thing that draws me to.. And now pit bull well trained, I was walking to the exaggeration this likes. D ever seen eye out for behaviors that seem out of control he cheerfully let go his. Lived in you 've been working on German Shepherds say they only have 20 bites per the CDC 1000! Not everybody can control a nervous-aggressive German shepherd is a truly unique experience … ] they. A 5 month old puppy and I never had a Doberman unless you are a very short period time! Associated with these dogs really are constant training upkeep believe the notion that it s. And love spending quality time with him outside his cage out over our laps and shepherd. Doberman eye spots `` that made them more scary dogs who ca n't handle any sort of rambunctiousness well kinds. Know adopted adult dogs tend to have their quirks and everything in between I expect a perfect dog..... Do find a breeder too. ). ” it was based data! Also makes an excellent family … aggressive Doberman - there are other big dogs which can be an dog! Course, there are a few minutes but then loved on them like a family member role personal.

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