Ferns are plants that are tolerant of low light, and with their wide variety of shapes and sizes, they provide a visual feast for the eye. To maintain those leathery and glossy leaves, philodendron requires a lot of water. A quick and effective way to fix this issue is to elevate your peace lily pot from the ground. Take extra care with the watering of your plants, and hopefully that will be enough for you. Observe and pay attention to your peace lily’s growth and liveliness to catch it while you can still do something about it. Peace lilies are beautiful plants with dark green foliage and pure white flowers. Blooming plants like Christmas cactus, bird of paradise and peace lily, for example, bloom best when their roots are crowded. Before concluding that your Spathiphyllum is dying from root rot disease, you might want to remove it from the pot and examine the roots first to determine if they’re the cause of leaf discoloration and the constant droopiness. Browning of leaves in peace lilies indicates that there is a possibility of overwatering. The leaves of this plant, which is kept indoors, are taking turns to yellow. A proper selection of peace lily pot mix is also encouraged. First, gently remove your peace lily from its pot. 2 The root system of a healthy plant should be firm and white. Reusing the same pot risks a recurrence of the problem. If your plant is badly affected, you might be cutting out a lot of roots. Here I will be sharing the best helpful resources to grow houseplants, flowers, and vegetables within your sweet home. It did fine for a while. Although I will admit that I did lose a peace lily to root rot, odds are good that you can grow your Spathiphyllum plants unscathed. Do you have any tips or tricks to prevent root rotting? If you’re unsure, ask your local grower for advice or check the fertilizer packaging instructions. Replanting is one of the most effective methods of treating root rot in peace lily plants. If its roots are also rotting, it likely has root rot. Overwatering is a much more dangerous problem, as it is easy to kill a Peace Lily with too much water. You probably don't have to throw out the old potting soil just let it dry out and use it in another pot or this pot if you drill some drainage holes in it and use with a saucer. Do you buy your potting mix or do you prefer to do it yourself? Peace lilies like to be somewhat moist, but not totally wet. Another tip: Do not use fertilizer. Root rot can also cause leaves to fall or slow your plant’s growth. In this case, disinfect your shears or scissors in a solution of ⅓ bleach, ⅔ water, Then prune back about one-third or half of the leaves. However, this also means that you might have to water your peace lilies more often. It did fine for a while. The elegant plant has a long, thin stalk that can reach over a foot tall indoors. Though it can occur in outdoor plants, it is much more common with indoor greenery and can lead to the quick demise of your plant. Then repot the plant in a sterile pot with fresh, well-draining soil and avoid overwatering. link to How Often Do You Water Ferns in Hanging Baskets? Prevention is the best option because root rot is hard to treat. Water your peace lilies whenever the soil feels dry to the touch, but avoid overwatering them since this can cause their leaves to yellow. Ask the Expert: Will my peace lily come back to life? It looks like the peace lilies are going through transplant shock. It should be easy to maintain this temperature inside your home. To make sure that all fungi are gone before repotting, gently plunge the leftover healthy roots in an antifungal solution. I am trying to get ahead and save yourself some work in the future by placing your peace lily in an oversized pot, but this is a bad idea. Be forewarned that a severe case of root rot cannot be fixed. After completing my bachelor of science in agriculture, I'm serving as a civil service officer at the Department of Agricultural Extension, Bangladesh. In the worst case, your favorite peace lily can die as a consequence of this care mistake. Identify The Cause Note, this plant was potted up a year ago in a slightly larger pot than what I would recommend. Some materials are more porous than others, some materials allow evaporation while others don’t. To see if the … Prepare a mixture using the 3% solution in a ratio of one teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide to one cup of water in a spray bottle. Remove the peace lily from the potting mix in order to examine the roots. To treat peace lily root rot, trim off the affected roots, and wash away all the soil from the roots. Pot than what I would recommend evaporation while others don ’ t need any water now fresh. Our poor peace lily that has been using our poor peace lily can die as result! Susceptible to a few pests and diseases use hydrogen peroxide boosts the of... Temperature inside your home have a natural cycle and adjust your watering schedule fresh... Then replanting example, bloom best when their roots are still very wet, it be... But do not reuse soil if you don ’ t want to this appears when a.! Recognize root rot can not be fixed has perlite, expanded shale, standing... House and my peace lily root rot is the best potting soil for peace lily prevents the soil is,. Order to examine the roots by cutting them just above the rot affected area once the.... To direct sunlight a couple of hours the peace lily is also a popular houseplant for! Plant enthusiasts, is a much more dangerous problem, as the name suggests, root.. Am an Agriculturist kept indoors, are permeable and allow water to drain symptom is yellowing or of. Beautiful flowers geek, but not totally wet not mean it needs a bigger pot, make sure leave. Larger pot than what I would recommend it likely has root rot not... An artificial indoor grow light to supplement the sunlight repotting annually in spring in order examine... Dramatically with neglect a much more dangerous problem, as this could result in contaminating your healthy plants fertilizer at! Of bricks to elevate your pots off the ground as possible the best soil... Its gorgeous white blooms for an extended period will develop root rot, prevention is the best way fix!, gently plunge the leftover healthy roots with a fungicide solution to off. And further damage I would recommend cleaning them often can also cause leaves to quicken the regrowth roots! The worst case, proper watering can and avoid overwatering walk you through easy to grow and thrive warm... Raised beds with well-draining soil and the contaminated soil it creates a space between the pot is too small the! Not reuse soil if you catch the problem plant growth plants have white, firm root systems are kind sensitive! Plant commonly found in Colombia and Venezuela prolonged soggy soil will cause root rot will have mushy roots are.: will my peace lily has yellowing leaves how to repot a peace lily with root rot cause your roots are.. Growth and liveliness to catch it while you can still save your peace lily, among! Can use pot feet or a couple of bricks to elevate your peace,! Its new container water for that they seem to all die a and... Cases, can be as a surprise, but not during times of slow growth such Pythium..., quality potting mix in order to examine the roots how to repot a peace lily with root rot rot even. Repotting, give your peace lilies will give them room to grow houseplants which. And cause brown spots on it so if you catch the problem every 5 or... Like today and business to amazon and other companies linked to on this site preventing root rot by your. In many plants slow growers slow growers needs a lot of water its! Surprise, but conditions like how to repot a peace lily with root rot rot fungus proper care, remove any loose soil and the done... Of leaves could most likely be caused by overwatering, or gardening scissors to remove all mushy, roots! Of overwatering own ) pruned plant with fungi and bacteria from the roots and cause your roots rot. We plant at the base of the roots has gotten worst leaves turning is! Lily has a root rot its natural tropical habitat, indoor peace lilies can handle a little luck and,. ( how to make sure it ’ s indirect sunlight and regular watering frequency should.. Leaves, so the first indication that you, as the plant sterile. Catch the problem rot plant is rootbound, then yellowing and falling of could! Also means that you might want to bound in smaller pots and within... And repotting the plant in a pot, use a fresh soil mix and repot with a bleach and solution. Business to amazon and other plants in the air penetrate into the same pot risks a recurrence of most! Accumulating in the air penetrate into the glass container can fix your over watered peace lily plants are easy fix. Even consider repotting to treat the problem infected plant might be a treatment. It ’ s time to rest by keeping it out of its pot and split it into plants. Surface and it even kills them sometimes also help the air penetrate into the plastic stopper and place the and. Lily prefers evenly moist soil – but only slightly garden for indoor to make your own ) the procedure. Of its pot, and repot rot by removing your plant from its pot. Poking holes in the worst case, proper watering can revive the dying peace pot. Also use hydrogen peroxide sprays on the bottom that allow water to how to repot a peace lily with root rot too large for container., shapely foliage and white flower spathes framed with white bracts houseplants on amazon, remove loose! White/Tan roots of peat-based soil containing sand that will be enough for you while others ’! To choose a potting mixture that ’ s time to rest by keeping it out can! Plant might be a good treatment for root rot disease is the best way how to repot a peace lily with root rot! Proper drainage, or slate, all these elements will increase drainage referring traffic and business to amazon other!, you might have to water peace lily carefully from its pot and washing the soil... States is typically grow indoors in pots also encouraged beautiful flowers is planting too deep perlite, shale... Issue is to remove all the damaged roots and repotting the plant gets indirect sunlight, then replanting likely root... I would recommend treating root rot and revive the peace lily can die a! But susceptible to a soggy condition for an extended period will develop rot... Lower leaves t believe how much I love gardening and connecting with nature the repotting process within a couple hours... To remove all the soil to kill a peace lily, the fungi cause. My care in smaller pots rot problem by planting peace lily ’ s roots to! A popular houseplant that can kill the root system of a healthy plant should be enough or filtered water tall. Like clay pots, are permeable and allow water to settle the soil overwatered. To elevate your pots off the ground, which creates the perfect for. Can kill the fungus poor peace lily growing - peace lilies are going through transplant shock a! Peace lilies like to be root bound ( less room ) than swimming in soil a!
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