Wl -- Front axle weight. ; Engineering Calculators Weights are in kilograms (kg) and dimensions are in metres (m) and millimetres (mm). document.write('') We’ve also added Nichi and Cesco Concrete Mixers for users in Australia. per horsepower of the tractor is needed. Without these rigs, the way we exchange and transport goods and services would look very different, and would likely be much less efficient. The trailer weight distribution calculator isn’t just for your truck or SUV, yet it can add to vehicle control issues and break your trailer beneficiary hitch. Here's the Screen Shots for RT Axle Weight, showing the Results from entering, 12,000 lbs for the Steer Axel; 46,000 lbs for the Tractor (Steer & Drive Axels together) and 80,000 lbs for the entire Truck & Trailer. II. Tow vehicle and trailer ratings are based on statics, since nothing is moving when weighed. As Tab. Introduction 2. If the needle is in the green the load is within the rating. The solution section contains the calculated load and rating for each of the enter truck or trailer ratings. Figure 5. Oct 4, 2016 Twitter/OPCVC. 5th Wheel Slide - 500 lbs per hole Trailer Slide - 4" - 250 lbs per hole. Engineering Toolbox If you add all those weights up you get 80,000 lbs. This procedure can be equally applied to trailers. The formula for the calculator is a weight-to-length ratio. How a weight distribution hitch works will be reviewed below the calculator. How much a tractor weighs will vary depending on its use. on the tongue which increase the load on the trailer's axle. Statics is the study objects in equilibrium or at rest. You can expect an average tractor weight to be about 15,628 pounds (7,089 kg). Engineering Book Store Weigh all axles individually. To illustrate, think of 5th wheel trailers. A weight distribution (WD) hitch uses torque or rotational force to transfer the load. document.write(''); At least 60% of the load needs to be at the front of the trailer. This is a calculator, designed to calculate the relative loads at both the kingpin (fifth wheel) and bogie (rear axle combination) of a trailer. • The vertical load depends on the size of the hitch and the maximum is 10% of the gross weight of the trailer or 1000 kg (whichever is less). This amount represents the total weight per tandem axle of your load and trailer. 7 Branson (Current Production Tractors) Front End Weights and Brackets Tractor Model AGCO Bracket No.